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Hi choir!

Thank your for leading and singing Sunday! We ended up with about 8 singers and you did well. He Will Hold Me Fast was really pretty good considering we never rehearsed the song all together.

I have decided that its time to stop trying to have a “choir.” You who have been faithful in attending rehearsals and singing on Sunday know the struggles we have faced trying to continue to have a choir. Thank you for your faithfulness! It has always been a joy to work with all of you, and even though we won’t gather as the choir, I still looking forward to working and serving with you.

Moving forward, I will still need a vocal team every Sunday. I will invite 2 to 4 singers to help me lead worship on a given Sunday. They need to be comfortable singing into a microphone and standing on stage in front of the congregation. The vocal team would still be needed for rehearsals on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. If you would be comfortable in serving in that role, please let me know and I’ll get you into the rotation.

I love choirs! I’ve been singing in or leading a choir my entire life. I sing in the Beaumont Interfaith Chorus and SETX Symphony Chorus because to me its more fun than just about anything in the world! I love it. So its really been a sorrow watching the role of the choir be diminished in the modern church.

Yet its not something to keep lamenting about. I could probably list a hundred things that contributed to the demise of church choirs. But the truth is, we have a culture to reach and we’ve got to be willing to do anything that will help. If that means worshiping without a choir, we need to do it, and feel good about it, and look forward to how God will bless us in our future. We don’t exist for the choir. We exist to reach people. Let’s pray and work on the vision Jesus gave us to make disciples, and let’s be willing to do whatever it takes to do what we’re called to do.

Personally, I’m praying and seeking how my ministry is going to continue without a choir. Would you join me in praying and working toward the blessed future God has for us?