Operations Guide for the Choir

Choir, we are in constant transition trying to keep in step with the constant change that life brings. It’s true for each of us personally, it’s true for the church, and it’s true for the choir. I just want to organize a few brief statements about where we are right now. It will help us be on the same page from week to week. I hope this document will be continually updated as we continue to operate in the future.

  1. Our choir exists to worship and lead others to worship.
  2. We will lead in worship every week, with minimal exceptions.
  3. I will post a playlist each week so you can listen and be familiar with the songs for Sunday.
  4. We will meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am to rehearse and do a soundcheck with the band in the Worship Center.
  5. The choir email list and webpage (nobcchoir.com) are the primary sources of communication. You can always know what’s happening on the webpage.
  6. You can participate in the choir if you will learn the songs we sing. Rehearsal attendance is certainly very helpful, but not absolutely mandatory. However, if you want to grow in your faith, relationship and fellowship are pillars of your development. Rehearsals are a great opportunity for you to fellowship and relate to fellow believers. If you can’t come to rehearsal, you can listen to the songs on the webpage and join us on Sunday mornings.
  7. Join the choir by getting on the email list. Email or text me, Pastor Brad. Click here for my contact info.
  8. We will lead the congregational songs and sometimes teach a new song.
  9. Singers will be scheduled each week to lead with a microphone. Most times these singers will come from the choir, but not always. They would be expected to sing with the choir as well as lead the congregation.
  10. Always remember that it is an awesome privilege and responsibility to lead people in the worship of Almighty God!

So there’s a top ten list for the choir! I hope this will be helpful to you. I want to be accommodating to you and will try to help you however I can. If this list needs any revision, let’s work together to make it better!

Thank you!